Digital Marketing Management

Digital Marketing Management

Digital marketing management is a face of marketing that is very familiar and very close to us today.

This is because of technological advances in our daily lives. So, of course, marketing management does not escape changes so that it can always touch the target market.

So what is digital marketing management like? Please, my friends, see the following article.

Digital Marketing Management

Understanding Digital Marketing Management

Digital Marketing Management is a marketing activity by utilizing all digital or online-based resources.

The purpose of digital marketing is to attract the attention of potential customers in an efficient way.

Companies choose to use digital marketing in order to market their products, because people in this era of globalization live very dependent on the digital devices they have.

So it is very easy to touch consumers just by utilizing a digital system. However, the ease of companies in promoting their products through digital media has an impact on the high competition for products or services in the same market.


Advantages of Digital Marketing Management

The advantages of using digital marketing management compared to conventional, include:

Fast Information Dissemination

The rapid dissemination of information is one of the advantages of using digital marketing. Even within seconds after the company publishes marketing content about its products, consumers will easily be able to directly access it.

For examplehealth service marketing managementin an area it will be very easy to provide information that the community needs such as vaccines and so on just by utilizing social media.


Extensive Reach

Using digital media in marketing products, makes it easier for companies to disseminate information about products. Not only fast, but also the information the company disseminates is no longer limited by place.


Effective and Efficient

Although the information that the company disseminates reaches all corners of the country, of course the price the company spends is very low when we compare it to conventional marketing.

Imagine if you have to distribute promo leaflets all over the country, of course this is a huge waste of time and money. So if you use conventional steps, it is certainly not very effective and efficient. It’s different from using digital marketing.

Ease of Evaluation

Apart from the previous benefits, the use of digital marketing will provide a very fast response to the marketing content that the company publishes.

By utilizing digital marketing tools, information about consumer complaints or features that consumers like, up to the number of clicks, likes or the number of people watching impressions about the product will be directly obtained by the company in the form of data.

So that it can make it easier to evaluate which content or advertisements are bad and which consumers like.


Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is generally divided into two types, namely:

Digital Marketing Push

In this type, companies market products or services by providing information about products or services to consumers without any desire from the consumer.

In this case the consumer plays a passive role, so that only one-way promotion occurs from the marketer without any agreement or consumer curiosity at first.

Which the company expects in the end after doing the promotion, consumers will begin to pay attention and be interested in buying the product or service.

Examples of marketing strategies that fall into this type of digital marketing include website advertisements, promotional emails, promo sms and so on.

The advantage of this type of digital marketing is that it is a focused target, because the company has determined or selected the target based on their data of interest or interest. In addition, promos can run for a certain time on a scale or continuously.

While the drawbacks include the advertising budget using the services of a third party which is quite expensive.


Digital Marketing Pull

Unlike the previous type of digital marketing, pull DM is a type where consumers are not passive in finding information but are active.

In the sense of the word consumers are parties who request or dig up information about the products or services they want.

The advantage is that there is a lot of content that consumers will get from searching on search engines about the product. And the company does not have to spend a budget for it.

The drawback is the possibility that consumers may have difficulty finding the product or service, or the possibility of the content being mixed with other content.


Digital Marketing Strategy

There are several strategies you can do in marketing products through digital media, including:

Marketing Content

Companies can create content about products by utilizing various online media, one of which is social media.

Companies can also make articles about a product such as its advantages or other information related to a product is a strategy that companies can do in attracting readers to make purchases of products or services.


Brand Ambassador

In this strategy, companies usually use endorsement services or ride promos from someone who has a big impact and already has their own audience. For example, an artist who already has a lot of fans as a brand ambassador or product ambassador.

That way the audience that an artist has will be influenced to buy the product that the artist recommends.

So the company must really determine which influencer or artist has an audience that matches the market share of the product that the company is targeting.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you do a search, for example on the Google search engine, you will find a number of articles related to your search. The articles that appear appear sequentially based on their ranking on the google search engine.

In pursuit of a high ranking so that the article is on the initial search page, the publisher or author of the article can use an article publication technique called SEO. As the name implies SEO or search engine optimization means search engine optimization.

There are two types of SEO techniques. Namely On Page and Off Page. On page means optimization of the web page itself. While Off page is optimization with the help of other websites such as endorsements to increase the credibility of the website.

Some companies today are starting to hire people who handle SEO for example for their company websites. For example Copywriter, Content Writer and so on.


Pay per click (PPC)

In PPC publishers direct readers to their website pages which then get a commission for every click they get.

Examples of PPC methods that we often find are Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and so on.

The way it works is that we spend some money at the beginning to get a high position on the search engines. So that we can benefit from the large number of readers who enter our website pages.

This is an explanation of digital marketing management materials. Hopefully my friend can take advantage and more about the material. That is all and thank you.

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