Health Care Marketing Management

Health Care Marketing Management

Health care marketing management is a type of marketing that we are rarely aware of.

But actually the marketing management of health services is very close to our daily lives and has an important role in terms of health.

What is the definition of health service marketing management? And what are the strategies in health service marketing management? Friends, take a look at the following article.

Health Care Marketing Management

Definition of Healthcare Marketing Management

In the view of the community, often consider marketing to be limited to commercial needs or the pursuit of profit.

This is because the definition of marketing activity is to influence ‘clients’. In fact, the definitions of ‘influence’ and ‘client’ in the sentence are not limited to profit.

Patients in the scope of health services are ‘clients’ or in this case we can call consumers.

Which we need to attract interest in health services. Because even for the sake of their own health, many people are not interested in getting health services.

An open-minded society, on the other hand, will interpret marketing as a broader scope.

In modern marketing science, marketing management can be interpreted as a series of processes to meet the expectations or satisfaction of society, so that both individuals and groups get what they need.

With various forms of creation, offering, to exchange that have value to the community.

So we can conclude that the marketing management of health services is a process of creating, offering and providing consumer needs (patients) such as medicines or services, according to what patients need.


Health Services Marketing Management Strategy

There are several factors that will affect the public’s view of a service or health facility, including:

Health workers

The quality of service or services that people feel is certainly the role of health workers or medical personnel.

Good and competent medical personnel will create confidence in patients to feel safe and comfortable, for example having to return to check themselves at the health facility (health facility).

Apart from medical expertise, of course, a good medical officer must always serve wholeheartedly, politely and friendly. So the patient will feel very appreciated.

Building and Room

A comfortable building and a clean room, of course, are one of the patient’s concerns in undergoing treatment.

While receiving medical services, buildings and rooms, both in terms of layout and cleanliness, certainly cannot escape the eyes of consumers.

Patients especially nowadays are more critical and have the ability to compare one health facility with another.

So it’s not surprising that it’s not only the ability of medical personnel that is a consideration for a patient to seek treatment, but also in terms of buildings and rooms that must be nice, clean and comfortable.


Supporting facilities in a health facility play an important role in attracting patients’ interest. Similar to the previous point, people today will pay attention to the slightest thing as a material for consideration in choosing health services.

In this case, we really need the role of health service marketing management. To know and understand what kind of facilities the patient needs or wants.


Thus the discussion of the marketing management of health services. There are several other things that of course also become a factor in the patient’s consideration in choosing a health facility.

But of all these factors, the most important is how marketers can create a sense of security and comfort for patients to choose treatment at their health facilities. Thank you and good bye.

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