Industrial Marketing Management

Industrial Marketing Management

Industrial marketing management is one of many types of marketing management that exist.

Characteristically, industrial marketing and consumer marketing have differences.

So what does industrial marketing management look like? Friends, please refer to the following article.

Industrial Marketing Management

Industry Definition

By definition, industry is a business activity to process or change the form of basic / raw materials, or semi-finished goods into ready-to-use goods.

Which goods that have changed form will have more value in terms of usefulness and in terms of generating profits for industry players.

Industrial products are not limited to physical products, but can also be in the form of services.

Examples of industries in the service sector are real estate, finance, transportation, utilities, infrastructure, medical, lodging and so on.


Types of Industry

There are several types of industries based on the source of raw material acquisition, including:

Extractive Industry

Included in the category of the extractive industry sector are industries that obtain their raw materials directly from nature.

Examples include gardens, rice fields, forests, rivers, livestock, mines and so on.

Non Extractive Industry

The definition of non-extractive industry is an industry whose raw materials are the result of previous processing by other industries.

Examples include the shoe, garment, textile, convection and other industries.

Facilitative Industry

Included in the facilitative industrial sector category are industries whose products are in the form of selling services.

Examples include transport, expedition, finance, insurance and so on.


Industrial Marketing Management

The definition of industrial marketing management is all forms of application of marketing concepts and activities aimed at presenting industrial products to the general public who are the target market.

With the main goal is to bring profit for the company from the target market industry that is different from ordinary consumers.

The target market for the industry is organizations or businesses, not end users or end-user consumers. Examples of such organizations or businesses are manufacturing businesses, the private sector, hospitals, state-owned enterprises and so on.

Where the business or organization will use industrial products as capital for the running of their business activities, then the product or service will arrive at the end user or final consumer.


Industrial Market Characteristics:

On Request

Demand for industrial products according to the needs of end users

Bulk purchases

Demand for products fluctuates more quickly (up and down)


By Purchase

Buyer is a large or professional organization/business

Fewer number of buyers


By Decision Making

The decision to purchase is more complicated depending on the tastes of the end user

The buying process takes place formally and professionally

Buying and selling decisions usually take place in long-term relationships

Thus the discussion of industrial marketing management. Hopefully my friend can understand more about the material. That is all and thank you.

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