Promotion in Marketing Management

Promotion in marketing management

Promotion in marketing management

Promotion in marketing management is a very important element.

Even promotion is one of the variables contained in the marketing mix or what we usually know as the marketing mix.

So what kind of promotion is it? What is the definition of promotion? And what is the purpose of doing a promotion? To understand about promotions, please see the following article.

Promotion Definition

In the world of marketing, promotion is an activity to create an increase in product value, both in terms of brand, product quality, packaging, etc.

Promotion is a very common activity for some marketers to be able to provide information related to a product and move potential customers to want to buy goods or services that the company offers.

This promotional activity will usually combine several forms of promotion, such as advertising, discounted prices, or distribution of marcandise t-shirts.


Definition of Promotion According to Experts

  1. Harper Boyd

Boyd explained that promotions are an attempt to persuade people to welcome a product or idea.

 2. ‪Philip Kotler

Kotler assumes that promos are elements and processes of a marketing tactic as a form of interaction with the target market through the formation of the marketing mix.

  1. Fandy Tjiptono

According to Fandy Tjiptono, promos are a form of marketing interaction to spread information, influence, seduce, or increase the target market for a product so that people can accept the product.


Promotion Purpose

  1. Changing consumer thinking and behavior on a product. Consumers who are initially not interested in owning a product, may be influenced and change their decision so that they want to get the product, after witnessing the promotion of the product.
  2. Build a brand image in the minds of consumers in accordance with marketers’ expectations.
  3. Compete with competitors. This is a very important promotional objective. When there are several competitors emerging in the same market, promotional offers will help us to maintain the existing market, or better yet expand our market.
  4. Increased profits. As in the third point, doing promotions can have an impact on expanding market share, so of course achieving increased profits which is the company’s main goal.
  5. Capture potential customers. Promotion does not only apply to existing consumers, but there is always a new target market because of the breadth and growth of a market. By doing promotions, a consumer who was previously unfamiliar with our product will become a customer if one of us succeeds in introducing it and creating sales.
  6. Information dissemination. This is the goal of a marketer in promoting a brand. By promoting their brand, a marketer has spread the info if there is a brand or product in a certain section. In that promo, marketers give attractive offers until the promo is successful. Without promotions, there may never be a consumer who recognizes a brand or product.

Thus the article about the promotion, hopefully useful and see you later.

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