Retail Marketing Management

Retail Marketing Management – Talking about retail business, the thing that probably crossed your mind is the sale of one or a number of store goods to consumers in a small ratio.

However, there are actually quite a number of businesses belonging to the retail category, which are not limited to such as clothing stores.

Then what is retail marketing management like? To find out more, please read the following article.

Retail Marketing Management

Understanding of Retail Marketing

The definition of retail marketing is a type of marketing for middle or retail goods, whose activity is to market goods or services to personal, family, or household consumers or also known as end users.

According to Handri Ma’aruf in his book entitled Retail Marketing. Retailers trade their goods or services directly to customers.

Not much different from the previous definition, Kotler and Armstrong describe retail marketing as all activities involved in marketing goods or services directly to final buyers for individual use.

Retailer or retailer is the last point in the process of distributing goods and services.

So what is retail management?

Retail marketing management is a series of business activities in preparing plans, moving or controlling company resources, in influencing the process of trading goods or services directly to customers.


Retail Marketing Management Department

The Retail Marketing Management study program will explore various matters related to retail management both in a large and small scale business.

Regarding product marketing, planning, increasing the number of customers, market sharing, and market analysis, advertising and promotion systems.

Learners can identify, analyze, process information and predict market needs, then can create and improve retail channels for marketing products and services.


Understanding the Retail Mix

In an effort to carry out a retail planning, management will improve a retail mix, which aims to satisfy the expectations of the target market.

With the hope that the product will be better than the competitor’s.

Retail mix is ​​a marketing strategy that refers to several factors, namely retailers can combine several factors into a decision in an effort to get customer attention.

These factors basically include several factors, including selling prices, advertising, promotions, store design, etc.


Retail Types

Retailers come in various forms and can be classified based on their characteristics. Retailers are divided into three types, namely:

Store-Retailer (Retail store)

  • Specialty-store / special shop
  • Department-store / department store
  • Supermarket / supermarket
  • Convenience-store / grocery store
  • Superstore, Combination-Store, and Hypermarket / big shops
  • Discount-store
  • Off-price-retailer (warehouse)
  • Catalog-showroom (exhibition)


Non-Store-Retailer (Retail that is not a store)

  • Direct selling
  • Direct-marketing (direct marketing)
  • Automatic-vending-machine (automatic vending machine)
  • Buying-service (serving consumers)



  • Corporate-chain
  • Valuntary-chain and retail-cooperative
  • Customer-cooperative (customer cooperative)
  • Franchise-organization (use rights or patents)
  • Merchandising-conglomerate (trade)

Those were a number of explanations about retail marketing management, hopefully my friend can understand more about the material. Thank you and good bye.

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