The Application of Marketing Management

The Application of Marketing Management

The application of marketing management is needed in various sectors. Of course this is the impact of the high level of competition in the same market.

So how do you apply marketing management? Then what sectors do the implementation of marketing management?

To understand more about the application of marketing management, please see the following article.

The Application of Marketing Management

Application of Marketing Management

Marketing management is often applied by organizations in the following forms:


Marketing plans are divided into at least two types, namely tactics and strategies. Tactics means a number of marketing plans which include planning market tactics, product features, promotions, sales, pricing and distribution channels.

While strategic planning is a number of plans that include determining the target market, and what value the company wants to offer to that market.


Companies often apply this to form an efficient marketing chain. The series that the organization creates must be in line with the goals of the organization.


In this case, it includes the determination of workers or human resources, which will be the driving force of marketing activities. Followed by directing the workers, this will usually be the responsibility of a marketing manager.

A marketing manager must be able to choose his employees and place them according to their respective expertise.


The next part of marketing activities is to monitor and evaluate or evaluate. Supervision takes place during the process of marketing activities running so that it always goes according to the planning path that has been created.


Then after implementing the plans, conducting an evaluation process will determine whether to maintain the plan, to change or adjust some things, or to replace the entire existing plan.


Sectors Applying Marketing Management

There are several sectors that implement a series ofmarketing management stages, among others:

Business Sector

In this sector, marketing functions in many companies with different markets and different scales. Marketing is starting to be chosen by many companies as a way of survival, especially with the movement of modernization and increasing competitors in the same market share.

Companies that are in the business sector and initially feel fine, will gradually realize that times are changing and marketing management needs to be implemented.

Even though it already has many loyal customers, there is never a guarantee that the competitors that will start to appear will be much more tempting.

There is also no bond that forces consumers not to change their hearts to competitors. As in paper, plastic or steel commodities, for example.

In the beginning, he was a single player in his market, starting to feel that marketing management was very much needed by his company as the number of competitors in the same field grew.

Then business people in the field of professional service providers such as psychologists, lawyers, doctors and so on also need the application of marketing management to expand market share, explore existing opportunities, and carry out branding.

Non-Profit Sector

The meaning of the non-profit sector is the non-commercial sector or does not expect profit. Usually incorporated into this type of sector are government-owned organizations such as those in the health or education sector. For example a hospital or several universities.

So should organizations that don’t expect profit apply marketing management in the process?

Of course it is necessary. Implementing marketing management in the non-profit sector is useful for maintaining the sustainability of the sector so that it does not die.

Of course, this is also related to growing competition and reduced consumer interest in this sector.

Thus the discussion about the application of marketing management. Hopefully my friend can benefit from this article. Thanks.

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