The Company’s Marketing Management

The Company’s Marketing Management

The company’s marketing management is the spearhead in determining the achievement of the company’s main goal, namely to bring in profit.

Therefore the company must have very creative people in its marketing management department.

What does effective corporate marketing management look like? Please, my friends, see the following article.

The company's marketing management

Stages of enterprise marketing management

In carrying out marketing activities in a company, marketing management has several stages, including:

Market Research

The basic thing that companies need to do is to do market research before starting marketing activities. This research will later become the foundation in creating a marketing strategy.


Developing Marketing Strategy

The next stage of the company’s marketing activities is to develop a strategy. The company must make a strategy according to the data the company has obtained from the results of previous research.

After conducting research and obtaining data, the company can make considerations regarding, for example, target market segmentation, product type, location determination, distribution channels and so on.


Designing a Market Plan

After creating a strategy, the next thing the company needs to do is design a marketing plan.

In this stage, the company makes a number of targets that they want to achieve within a certain time. Then create a flow in realizing the target.

In the sense of the word the company began to develop its marketing vision and mission.



The next stage is to evaluate the strategies and plans that the company has run previously.

After conducting joint evaluations and gathering suggestions from various layers of marketing. Then the company decides to continue with the existing strategy, make some adjustments or even replace the entire strategy with a new one.


Marketing Management Elements

In marketing management there are several elements that make up the company’s marketing management, including:

Market Orientation

Management in this case is oriented towards the market or consumers. Companies make consumers as a benchmark for all marketing decisions they will take.

Marketing Plan

All marketing decisions that the company will carry out must be planned in detail. Starting from the creation of plans, execution to analysis.

Even the company has to create various back-up plans in case the company’s marketing is in the worst case scenario, or if the plans don’t go according to initial expectations.

Consumer Satisfaction

A new marketing activity can be said to be successful if it has reached the finish line of customer satisfaction.

Achieving sales targets is very important, but customer satisfaction will create loyal or loyal customers.

Even at a certain stage, consumers who are satisfied with a product will turn into marketers without them knowing it. By recommending the products they like to the surrounding environment.

Hopefully this article can be useful. There are many things you need to pay attention to before starting marketing activities. Of course, it will be easier to run marketing along with the experience you have.

Thus the discussion of the company’s marketing management. That is all and thank you.

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