The Role of Marketing Management

The Role of Marketing Management

The role of marketing management in a business is very important. Namely, to maintain the viability of a company in a market share.

Company Marketing Management affects the achievement of total sales as the impact of a marketing activity within a company.

Then what is the role of marketing management? Friend, here’s the explanation.

The Role of Marketing Management

The Role of Marketing Management

In a marketing activity, marketing management is not only tasked with delivering products or services to consumers, but also ensuring the fulfillment of consumer expectations.

All of which are useful for achieving a company goal, namely profit.

Create product designs

Marketing management plays a role in planning the details of goods that will be produced by the company. Goods that the company produces must be in accordance with the product criteria that consumers want. So that the target market will easily accept the product.

Planning product prices

Determining the price of a product in a production is one of the roles of marketing management.

In determining the price of a product, the marketing management must consider the circumstances of the target market.

Can consumers agree on the price, in the sense of the word according to the value of the product in the eyes of consumers?

Carry out promotional activities

After creating a good product and a suitable price, marketing management as the name implies plays a role in marketing the product.

The way for the product to be recognized by the market is by carrying out a series of promotional activities. Which aims to inform consumers that there is a ‘this’ product with ‘this’ quality and price, which they can get ‘here’.


Marketing Management Concept

In marketing activities, there are six basic concepts of marketing activity activities, namely:

Product concept

In the product concept, product quality is the most important thing. Both in appearance and function of the product itself.

Management at this stage is tasked with displaying quality products, this is in order to provide service to consumers in order to earn their loyalty.


Production concept

The principle of the production concept is, products that consumers like are products that are available in many places at low prices.

This concept places great emphasis on efficient production and wide distribution channels, by making every effort.


Sales concept

In the sales concept, marketers must always present promotions continuously in front of consumers. And make all sales efforts in order to get maximum results.


Marketing concept

In the marketing concept, of course, marketing plays a major role. That is how companies maintain the value of a product and meet consumer expectations, more than competitors.


Social marketing concept

In the concept of social marketing, a company must find out what is the market trend, or what expectations consumers have.

Which in the process, the company must continue to pay attention to improving the welfare of the community in its environment.


Global Marketing Concept

In this concept the company utilizes all the resources the company has, in order to face global market threats.

the concept of global marketing a maximizes human resources, tangible assets, funding, and goals of a company in order to seize opportunities.

Thus the material about the role of marketing management. Hopefully my friend can understand about the material. Thank you


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