Types of Marketing Management

Types of Marketing Management

Types of Marketing Management – As you know, marketing is a very important element in the survival of a company.

You may know that marketing has different functions and types.

Then what are the functions and types of marketing management? Check out the following article.

Types of Marketing Management

Transition Function

In running a business, of course there are transition or exchange activities, namely from the seller to the buyer.

If you observe in more detail, in this exchange process there are two benefits or functions. That is, the sell function and the buy function.


Physical Function

The next function is the physical or physical function. Where this is centered on the use of space, product form and timing.

The role of management in this case is very calculated. One of these functions is obtained from marketing channel management. Because one of the physical functions is related to the distribution channel. Regarding how a product can safely reach consumers.

So the handling of this product is a very crucial point and must be considered carefully. So the company will not suffer losses due to product damage.


Facility Procurement Function

There is a marketing management role that is no less important, namely as the procurement of facilities.

As for this facility, it will be related to all product marketing activities, which can facilitate product marketing activities.

What are the facilities intended in this marketing management?

Some of these facilities usually include all collection processes, product screening based on standards, communication facilities, and also funding.


Types of Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing (WoMM)

Word of Mouth Marketing (WoMM) is the dissemination of information about products by consumers who have tried to use the product, to other consumers in the vicinity who have not bought or tried the product. Orally or not, and informed directly.


Public Relations Marketing

Public Relations is one of the many elements that are needed in marketing activities. Companies today have taken advantage of the role of the media, in order to build brand awareness for their products. So that their products can be widely known by the public.


Relationship Marketing

Establishing relationships with customers is the right step in terms of product marketing. By analogy, if a company has succeeded in achieving consumer loyalty, then the consumer will wait for any product that the company will offer.


Digital Marketing

In this digital marketing era, companies use all online-based resources to reach consumers. The advantage of this method is the low budget required to promote a product. And it’s easy to target the right target by using paid advertising services.



Branding is a reflection of the product. For consumers branding is like ‘love at first sight’. Names, jargons and logos mean everything to a consumer’s first view of a product.

For this reason, it is important to create the right branding, so that at first glance consumers think about buying the product.

Branding is a long-term promotional asset for a product. No wonder many large companies are willing to spend a very large amount of money just to create a logo.


Broadcast Ads

Examples of broadcast advertising include using television media for product advertisements. Or at that time it was very popular to market products through radio broadcasts.


Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

In this type of marketing, companies involve people (agents) to resell their products. The company provides wages depending on the number of products an agent has successfully marketed, or the number of people he has successfully re-hired. Thus, marketers are the target of the company. And the company has a large number of marketing personnel. So the sales results will also be greater.

Thus a discussion of the types of marketing management. Hopefully it can add insight, friends, thank you very much.

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