What is Direct Marketing

What is Direct Marketing

What is direct marketing – is certainly a question you hear often. Because there are types of direct marketing and indirect marketing.

On this occasion edu will discuss direct marketing. To understand it, please see the following article.

What is Direct Marketing

Definition of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing or what we know as direct marketing, is a marketing step by utilizing marketing facilities without any third party or liaison party in reaching consumers and the buying and selling process.


Direct Marketing Goals

Low Financing

The purpose of a business doing direct marketing is to market its products or services at the lowest possible cost. Because this type of marketing does not involve third parties.

Simple Process

In addition, this type of direct marketing is easier and simpler because consumers transact personally with marketers. In other words, bargaining either on a price agreement or otherwise will be faster because the consumer is connected to the seller directly.

Very Flexible

Direct marketing is very flexible in the sense that the word can be arranged according to the wishes of the marketer, which place is convenient, when the time is right, or what media is the most suitable for connecting sellers and consumers.

Comfortable and Open

Marketers who do direct marketing create a sense of comfort to their consumers, as well as openness because consumers and sellers interact directly.

Whether it’s online or face to face, so consumers can directly express opinions or bid directly to the seller.

Less Chances of Fraud

By interacting directly creates more accurate marketing. Because marketers can be more observant in dealing with consumers one by one, so the level of accuracy becomes higher.


Direct Marketing Implementation?

There are several forms of application of direct marketing or direct marketing, including:

Face-to-face Sales

As the name implies, face-to-face sales bring together buyers and sellers directly. An easy example of this type of direct marketing is in traditional markets.

That is, the seller opens a stall or shop and then the consumer comes to have a look, bargain and then buy the product.

Direct Mail

In Indonesian, direct mail means direct mail. This means that the seller writes to the target consumer to offer his product or service. But at this time the letter in question is electronic mail or what we know as email.

Nowadays for companies it is easy to get emails from consumers. For example, on a men’s fashion website, to be able to access the website, visitors must enter their name and email address or some other personal data.

Then the company will use that data to follow up consumers with their latest offers.

Of course this is very well targeted and profitable for the company, because for example a company sends an email about men’s shoe products to people who register their email on a men’s fashion website, of course we can consider this an appropriate target.

While the shortcomings that may arise in direct mail are the number of messages that enter the target consumer’s email, so there is a possibility that the messages sent by the company will be buried by other messages in the consumer’s inbox.


Direct marketing on telemarketing using mobile media access. The trick is for the seller to contact the target consumer’s cell phone number, then make an offer for a product or service by explaining the benefits and specifications.

What must be considered in using a telemarketing strategy is mastery of the product. Because consumers will ask questions about the product, the seller must be prepared to answer any questions that will arise.

Then the seller or CS must be able to make the target consumer feel comfortable and not disturbed, by conducting conversations as natural and friendly as possible and predicting the right time to call consumers.

Because there is a possibility that the wrong timing will cause discomfort for consumers so that consumers will rush to hang up the phone, for example in the morning when the office is busy or maybe it is time for worship.

Another thing CS should remember is not to push. If the CS speaks in a tone or dialogue that seems pushy, the consumer will feel uncomfortable and decide to end the conversation.

The advantage of using this technique is that if consumers are the right target, direct conversations like this will be very profitable.

Because it will be easier to convince people by speaking directly, rather than through text messages or other media that do not directly bring the two parties together.


Buddy, of course, often hear the term catalog. Even when marketing was in its ancient times, we found many catalogs in the form of magazines or leaflets.

Until now, catalogs still exist, but of course many companies have used more sophisticated and up-to-date media in displaying their catalogs.

A catalog is basically a list of the products or services a company offers. By displaying a number of pictures along with their advantages, benefits or prices, consumers can browse all the products or services that a company is marketing without having to leave their homes.

Television Shows

Basically showing products on a television channel requires a large amount of money, but many large companies are currently still scrambling to spend their money to do this type of advertisement because of the large impact it has on their sales.

Because at this time the products that are broadcast on television are considered by most people to be products that are trusted, safe and valuable.


Advantages Direct Marketing

The advantages of using a Direct Marketing Strategy include:

Easy to Get Feedback

Because the buying and selling process runs directly or personally, if there is an error or lack of the product or service, the consumer will easily be directly connected to the seller.

So that it will be easier for the seller to fix these shortcomings, in order to get a good quality product.

Loyal Consumer

Because it is easy to communicate with each other, for example in terms of submitting suggestions or complaints, so that consumers feel very close to the product. This creates a long term relationship between the consumer and the company.

Targeted Strategy

The point is that direct selling is personal, so it is easy to adjust the strategy depending on the background or character of the consumer the seller is dealing with.

The Right Timing

Because it does not use intermediaries so that the marketing process runs immediately or without any delay, making it easier to adjust the right time to carry out marketing promotions.

Thus an explanation of what is meant by direct marketing. Hopefully my friend can understand about the material, thank you.

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